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The Art of Joshua J Shumake

All About Joshua Jay Bird

Back when I was first being called Joshy-Jay-Bird I was already fascinated with color; my mom supplying the paper and the crayons, and me not eating them but covering the paper in colorful purposeful scribbles. By the time I was off to my very first day of school, Joshy-Jay-Bird WAS my name (to me anyway) and I insisted to my teachers and peers it was so. 

I've never lost that attachment.

When I started painting in college it was, at first just another art class of the many in a program for something else, but as I learned about art and different methods of making it I kept coming back to painting. I latched onto acrylic paint early for its rapid drying and vivid color, and I set off to learn, explore, and fail with painting. 

During this time I came to understand why I love painting as my primary artistic outlet; the physical, visceral connection to the brushes and paint and canvas. There is nothing like having that feeling - physically manipulating pigment into an engaging finished painting. My process includes music, of course, but it includes dancing too! It's pretty funny looking, but in working through the problems involved in creating something interesting and when things are falling into place, I can't help but step back and shuffle around to the music! 

I believe some of that flow and energy makes it's way into the finished piece, I hope you feel it, even on a subconscious level.



The Artist

  That Jay-Bird moniker has always hung around in my imagination and with it - the feeling that the hopeful visions for my future by those who nicknamed and love me have yet to be fulfilled. In honor of them I have created Jay Bird Art Studio to share my love of color and art with the world, and change that feeling by fulfilling this endeavor.

  You need space to create - something functional, something semi-permanent, something that's an ideal as much as a space, something that is built on a foundation of love - love for the art, love for the process, love for the work, and a love of sharing. Jay Bird Art Studio is that for me, a space where I can live and breathe art, a space where we can have a shared experience in art, a space that inspires.

Now it serves as the physical place for me alone to work and plan and learn, as well as being the name of the digital storefront for my work.

In the future it will be much more: It will be a place to truly share art, a place to teach and to learn. Art instruction for children and adults and exhibition space for arts of all type.

  Thank you for visiting the studio and having a look around. If something catches your eye it could be yours in a few short clicks. Or, you can even contact me for a custom piece of your own! If not, pass the word about Jay bird Art Studio, you might send them to just the right place to find something that suits their style.

The Studio

Thanks For Visiting!

Joshua J Shumake

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